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. trash-à-porter

Since the mid-90s GGrippo has been designing clothes, accessories and homewares exclusively with up-cycled materials out of their atelier in NYC: denim, sport teeshirts and discarded cashmere sweaters.
What started as an art project for White Columns Gallery, followed by the costumes for Lauren Hill's 1999 World Tour in collaboration with Levi's and later the opening of NYDESIGNROOM in Brooklyn to fabricate and sell under the name "trash-à-porter", became a seasonal collection sold from Barneys NY to upscale boutiques in Tokyo's Omotesando.

To avoid over-production and to allow more conceptual develpment time the collection is not seasonally designed for wholesale any longer. GGrippo's focus is curently on their Brooklyn atelier and gallery, where one-of-a-kind original pieces are regularly made and shown GGrippo art+design on Grand St. in Williasmburg.

If you want to learn more about their design philosophy and up-cycled products please visit the trash-à-porter website.