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Our dedicated gallery space has hosted many exhibitions with the work of artists from all over the world, we align with them in creating space to exhibit work that contribute in building a future we all want to live in.

5 De Mayo: Anna-Lisa Marjak paintings and Elliot Pomar Editores books.
GGrippo 2.0: Latin-American Contemporary Art and Design by Yvonne Gonzalez sculptures, Manuela Viera-Gallo sculptures, Nelson Villareal photography, Cecilia Biagini paintings and sculpture, Ignacio Gurruchaga photography, Marcela Paolantonio fashion.
Super Modern: Luciana Levinton paintings and Hannah Parr furniture.
Not Far From The Tree: Rafael Bueno paintings and Lorenzo Bueno sculptures.
Sonic Boom: Richard Timperio paintings.
Alien Bloom: Eteri and Gocha Chkadua Studio sculptures and fashion.
Avant-Jungle: Miki Katagiri milliner sculptures.                  2016                                                                                                                                                                        Octavio Amado Design from Paris: installation of a lighted ceiling.
Jaleh Fazel: pottery and ceramics from the artist's personal collection.
Lightworks: metal work and lighting by Facundo Newbery.
Weaving the Clouds: the work of Peruvian weavers from Pitumarca.
Teaware from the Czech Republic by Petr Novak, Miroslava Randova and Ondrej Sedlak
Dreamtribe collection of upcycled clothing from worlds-sourced hand-made textiles.
Tinted: Exhibition on natural dyes with Samantha Verrone, Marie-Ella Vivaldi, Sri Threads, Poliana Danila, trash-à-porter, Lea Thomas, Atsushi Fatutsuya.
Portals by MQuan: Retrospective exhibition of Michele Quan's iconic ceramic work.
Boothworldwide workshop and exhibition on upcycling clothes and accessories.
blue: Ondi McMaster and Teresa Misagal two artists working with indigo dye, representing Japanese and Indian traditions.
IKI: Debra Smith textile paintings and Japanese vintage pottery.
Water by Oliver Halsman-Rosenberg and Bryan Gursky, works on paper.
Bouquets: new works from textile artist Elodie Blanchard.
Pop-Up art+design Market: works from Mitsugu Sasaki, Steve Keister, Adriana Kielder, Teresa Misagal, Atsushi Futatsuya, Petr Sklenicka, Miroslava Randova, Peter Kuo, Andrej Bero, Ondi McMaster, Studio Yinchen, Jaleh Fazel, Barbara Stone and GGrippo.
A Sea of Tea: GGrippo's new textile and clay work exhibited after the exhibition at ADS/DAS Gallery in Newburgh, NY
Tea is the muse / air, fire and wood: new stoneware and photography works from artists Petr Novak and Raneta Kulakova. 
Made me Look: street photography by Maria Cox
Jardines Encantados (enchanted gardens): mixed-media paintings by Lula Aldunate Atelier.
CUP&MUG: group show of ceramists and potters from several countries celebrating the essential drinking vessel.
Xtant: rotating installation of GGrippo's textile work in the tea room setting exploring possible set-ups for the May exhibition in Palma de Mallorca