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the Gallery

5 De Mayo: Anna-Lisa Marjak paintings and Elliot Pomar Editores books.
GGrippo 2.0: Latin-American Contemporary Art and Design by Yvonne Gonzalez sculptures, Manuela Viera-Gallo sculptures, Nelson Villareal photography, Cecilia Biagini paintings and sculpture, Ignacio Gurruchaga photography, Marcela Paolantonio fashion.
Super Modern: Luciana Levinton paintings and Hannah Parr furniture.
Not Far From The Tree: Rafael Bueno paintings and Lorenzo Bueno sculptures.
Sonic Boom: Richard Timperio paintings.
Alien Bloom: Eteri and Gocha Chkadua Studio sculptures and fashion.
Avant-Jungle: Miki Katagiri milliner sculptures.                  2016                                                                                                                                                                        Octavio Amado Design from Paris: installation of a lighted ceiling.
Jaleh Fazel: pottery and ceramics from the artist's personal collection.
Lightworks: metal work and lighting by Facundo Newbery.
Weaving the Clouds: the work of Peruvian weavers from Pitumarca.
Teaware from the Czech Republic by Petr Novak, Miroslava Randova and Ondrej Sedlak
Dreamtribe collection of upcycled clothing from worlds-sourced hand-made textiles.
Tinted: Exhibition on natural dyes with Samantha Verrone, Marie-Ella Vivaldi, Sri Threads, Poliana Danila, trash-à-porter, Lea Thomas, Atsushi Fatutsuya.
Portals by MQuan: Retrospective exhibition of Michele Quan's iconic ceramic work.
Boothworldwide workshop and exhibition on upcycling clothes and accessories.
blue: Ondi McMaster and Teresa Misagal two artists working with indigo dye, representing Japanese and Indian traditions.
IKI: Debra Smith textile paintings and Japanese vintage pottery.
Water by Oliver Halsman-Rosenberg and Bryan Gursky, works on paper.
Bouquets: new works from textile artist Elodie Blanchard.
Pop-Up art+design Market: works from Mitsugu Sasaki, Steve Keister, Adriana Kielder, Teresa Misagal, Atsushi Futatsuya, Petr Sklenicka, Miroslava Randova, Peter Kuo, Andrej Bero, Ondi McMaster, Studio Yinchen, Jaleh Fazel, Barbara Stone and GGrippo.
A Sea of Tea (preview): GGrippo's new textile and clay works being displayed previous to the exhibition at ADS/DAS Gallery in Newburgh, NY